Who Joins


From 2020, Fursa Africa will be welcoming students who join our programs from around the world. Student volunteering and internships is popular among young people looking to make an impactful difference while seeing new countries and experiencing different cultures.

Fursa Africa offers a variety of student volunteering and internship opportunities as a way to boost personal and professional skills.

Our programs cater to student volunteers and interns with a variety of interests, so whether you are in search of adventure and looking to travel, or to improve your employability by showcasing your international experience, we have the perfect program for you

Group travellers

Fursa Africa also provides the following services to universities, businesses and organizations:

  • Curated immersion and learning experiences into East Africa economies for businesses, universities and organizations
  • Business matchmaking and corporate outreach
  • Team building and collaboration exercises
  • Community engagement and local immersion

Participants have the opportunity to gain an understanding of interconnected global challenges particularly in the East African context through experiences focused on complex social, economic and business challenges. They will also develop a contextual understanding of historical perspectives in international relations, economic reforms, political challenges, business trends and contemporary cultural movements.

Gap year

A gap year is an opportunity to get to know what’s out there before you make decisions about your future education and career path. It’s a chance to learn about the real world outside the classroom. It’s a way for you to get out of comfort zone and find out more about your own natural aptitudes and interests. It’s a way of seeing the world and a chance to design your own year of learning, achievement, impact, and life experience, away from more traditionally structured school and work systems. Additionally, more and more traditional academic institutions are endorsing the many benefits of a gap year.

Career break volunteering abroad

With a career break, you have the freedom to do things that you might have missed when you were younger or have been meaning to do, but never quite found the right time or opportunity.

By volunteering abroad during a career break, you get to travel and see the world, learn about and immerse yourself in a new and different culture, discover a unknown passion, learn a new skill or even find a new career path.