Volunteering Vs Interning


As opposed to interns, volunteering experience may or may not have a focus on a specific learning experience. However volunteers are of great value specially to non-profit organizations. Including volunteer work on your resume not only demonstrates you have the required skills, it shows that you are passionate, have a positive attitude, are motivated by things other than money, and that you’re willing to help others. These are attractive attributes for employers. Volunteers can help to save money, but they can provide better service to clients, increase contact with the greater community, make available better expertise, and reduce costs of services.

A volunteering experience is particularly great when you are trying to figure out which direction to take in your life. Working at an association for a cause you believe in, networking, doing a meaningful job are valuable to figure out what you want to do with your life. It is especially good for soft skill improvement.


An internship has a focus on a specific learning experience to improve the person’s chances of finding paid work in the near future. An internship experience is usually done at a company. You work in the frame of a specific industry, and specialize in a specific field. They are more valued by companies when looking for a job after graduation because the tasks you were given are likely to be similar.