Health Care And Medical

Are you a Medical, Nursing, Pre-med student or a healthcare professional looking for medical volunteer opportunities abroad to support the healthcare system in developing countries and wish to gain hands-on experience in the field of medicine? Fursa Africa offers programs in East Africa. These medical mission trips are suitable for medical students, healthcare practitioners, pre-med & pre-nursing students as well as aspiring medical professionals.

Participants joining these programs would get to work under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and the pre-med volunteers will assist in their day to day activities. The medical volunteering opportunities are offered in different areas that include Emergency, General Medicine, Radiology, Dental, Pediatric, Surgery, Maternity, OPD, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Immunology, Internal Medicine, HIV/AIDS support, Nutrition, Public Health, Midwifery, Nursing amongst several others.

The medical and healthcare volunteer abroad opportunities are available throughout the year in Uganda, with flexible start dates and durations. Volunteers can choose to dedicate a minimum of 4 Week to a maximum of 6 months, as per convenience.