Education And Teaching

Participate in teaching volunteer abroad projects with Fursa Africa and make a contribution to the education of growing children. Our volunteer teaching programs are available throughout the year, with flexible start dates and program duration. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for a minimum of 4 week up to six months.

In most cases, volunteers help in improving the vocabulary as well as the spoken English skills of the students. You may also get involved in teaching other subjects such as Computers/IT skills, Maths and Geography, General Knowledge etc., as per the requirement. You can assist the teachers during their lessons, think of activity-based learning methods and give proper attention to the children. Volunteers can also assist in extracurricular activities such as sports and games.

You don’t have to be a professional teacher, and you would not need a TEFL Certificate to volunteer abroad for our English Teaching Projects. Volunteers just need to have a good command over written and conversational English. Volunteers should be open-minded, flexible and prepared and have good communication skills with children.