IT And Innovation

These are exciting times for the startup and tech industry in Africa as there is a lot of potential for tech development on the continent. Most of the existing challenges on the continent including poverty, corruption, poor healthcare systems, education, and inadequate infrastructure can be and have lately been addressed using technology.

Numerous companies in fintech, health tech, agri-tech and e-commerce have risen out of the African tech ecosystem to address some of the continent’s pressing challenges. Additionally, the East African ecosystem is still evolving and full of opportunities, with big companies opening up to work with innovative startups more and more.

In particular, Uganda, the first destination country for Fursa Africa has been dubbed as one of the most entrepreneurial countries due to the resilience and entrepreneurial attitude of its people. This provides an environment of experimentation, failure and learning – thus offering the opportunity to create more successful companies.

In the past few years the Ugandan startup ecosystem has grown in leaps and bounds. With several incubation and innovation centers, Kampala has grown its own major centers for creative minds and tech-companies to foster co-working and the exchange of ideas and to provide a link between startups and investors.