Interning in Small Business Development

In a world that revolves around business and finance, people with business management skills and experience are highly sought after in both the developed and developing world.

The internet and globalization have brought about a culture of entrepreneurs, and these days, knowledge and experience can often be the only reason why one business succeeds and others fail. Whether your background is in marketing and branding, project management, IT, finance and accounting, HR, import/export, entrepreneurship, public relations, or leadership, by sharing your skills with others, you can help to increase people’s employability, envisage and establish new business ventures, and work to improve existing organizations.

East Africa is one of places in the world where you can put your experience to the test and help to change other people’s fortunes. From empowering local women and starting up farmers’ cooperatives to creating a website that means you can export goods halfway across the world with a click of a button, or working as an intern in an established business, skilled interns and volunteers can make a huge difference.

Sometimes, interning in small business development can be as simple as teaching someone how to use Excel, or helping with administrative tasks. Other times, it can be doing market research, coming up with a business model, and helping to implement it.

Uganda, the first destination country offered by Fursa Africa is a rising economy full of entrepreneurial energy where you have the option of working in social enterprise, women’s entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and economic empowerment projects.

The people in this East African nation are laid-back and welcoming, the landscapes are varied and beautiful, and the history is fascinating. Add a quickly developing economy and plenty of business opportunities, and you’ve got a recipe for a great interning/volunteering experience.

Home to gorillas, bustling Kampala and lush countryside, Uganda is a stable and thriving country in the heart of East Africa that is perfect for skilled volunteers looking to experience the real ‘Africa’ and to put their skills to good use.

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