Global Immersion Programs For Business Students

Global Immersion Program (GIP) classes bridge classroom lessons and business practices in another country. It is designed to provide a high-level survey of the economic, cultural and geo-political drivers behind African regions integral to the global economy. By travelling abroad to interact with local businesses, start-ups and various industries and meeting with local business leaders, government officials and development partners, students have the opportunity to learn from a tremendous group of professionals while also immersing themselves in another culture and building strong relationships.

Immersion Programs include orientation classes pre-departure, later followed by one week in-country for a blend of guest speakers, fireside chats, panel discussions, company and startup visits, cultural activities and networking events.

The overall objectives of the program are:

  • To provide an understanding of an African region’s business, cultural and political environment
  • To achieve a working knowledge of local business practices through direct interaction with mangers and government officials
  • To explore the value of different economic models as benchmarks for global business practices
  • To promote intercultural awareness and communication

The 2021 Global Immersion Program fee is $1850 and provides students with double occupancy lodging, ground transportation and some meals. Global Immersion program fees do not cover round trip international airfare