Global Immersion Program in Public Health

The Global Health Immersion Program (GHIP) is Fursa Africa’s flagship global health program for preclinical medical students. It was created in collaboration with medical students and public health practitioners in response to requests to have a meaningful, field-based global health experience early in medical training. GHIP is an intensive program for students who want to gain a first-hand understanding of the health challenges facing people in low- and middle-income countries. Participants in the program are matched to a host community in a resource-limited setting in East Africa, and spend 3 weeks working to identify, examine, and explore solutions to key health problems. Students then partner with local groups to develop and implement a small project aimed at improving health.

Program objectives

GHIP aims to provide medical students interested in global health a transformative experience that will deepen their understanding of the causes and impact of illness in developing countries. Students will also gain insight into the challenges, rewards, and practical implications of global health work. The program hopes to ignite student’s passion for working to reduce health and health care disparities in the world. The program emphasizes service that enables students to observe first-hand the social and economic determinants of health and disease that impact marginalized and poor populations.



  • Maternal Health, HIV and realities of health access
  • Community health workers and global health
  • Nutrition, food security and sustainable agriculture


  • Health care systems and community-based development

This program is designed to introduce graduate and advanced undergraduate students in nursing and other health professions to health care delivery in a global setting. Students will experience health care delivery in host country facilities, such as clinics and hospitals, and engage with professional health workers in both hospitals and community-based settings.

Program Fee

The 2021 Global Immersion Program fee is $2500 and provides students with double occupancy lodging, ground transportation and some meals. Global Immersion program fees do not cover round trip international airfare.