What makes a Good Africa Volunteering/Interning Program

Sandy beaches, stunning topography, and enough cultural diversity to make your head spin! #ThisIsAfrica—and you’re ready to experience its power yourself through avolunteer abroad in Africa program. These days, the top Africa volunteer and internship providers are serving some of the best opportunities for participants to make a sustainable difference in Africa. With 54 countries, volunteers and interns in Africa

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Interning in Small Business Development

In a world that revolves around business and finance, people with business management skills and experience are highly sought after in both the developed and developing world. The internet and globalization have brought about a culture of entrepreneurs, and these days, knowledge and experience can often be the only reason why one business succeeds and others fail. Whether your background

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Working with Social enterprises in East Africa

Most development practitioners now believe that solving poverty in a sustainable way requires a transformational solution: the power of local social businesses. A “social business” combines the business acumen of a for-profit company with the mission of a charity to solve social problems in an efficient and sustainable way.  In Africa, social businesses hold massive potential for uplifting their communities

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