Fursa Africa aims to address 4 main areas of opportunities and challenges

African organizations face some limitations in accessing diverse talent and partners for growth. The growth of African economies not only hinges on governments and infrastructure but equally-so on the growth of private sector companies and organizations.

We aim to support progressive African organisations and companies to access diverse talent living abroad who maintain a genuine interest and readiness for operating on the continent.

The full wealth of African opportunities are not visible to overseas talent and leaders.

We aim to link those interested in Africa to discover and engage with the full diversity of African opportunities.

Anecdotally, the level of interest in African opportunities is at an all-time high.

We have the makings of a ~30 trillion dollar collective economy by 2050, the largest and youngest global workforce by 2035, a US$75 billion ecommerce sector by 2020 against the backdrop of the world’s 2nd fastest growing region.

These are the platforms for the opportunities that will shape the continent and in due course shape the world; this also represents the starting point for Fursa Africa in delivering opportunities to our members in the form of internships, volunteer opportunities partnerships and investments on the continent.

There are both real and perceived challenges in moving to and operating on the continent.

We are offering soft and tangible support for individuals and organisations interested in operating on the continent.

Countries and cities in Africa can be hugely rewarding arenas in which to operate, from the perspective of business potential, cultural richness and depth, diversity of experience and proximity to nature. However in parts, the terrain can also be very difficult.  Nonetheless, whilst adjustments are required and relevant knowledge to be learnt on arrival, general misconceptions resulting in fear misrepresent the reality on the ground.

In recognition of these dynamics, Fursa Africa will support individuals and parties in moving to and operating on the continent with a set of practically targeted services and information insights whilst working to eliminate via transparency, common misconceptions creating false or soft barriers.

The narrative of the Africa story needs a fresher perspective.

Fursa Africa is committed to providing an updated, more insightful version of Africa’s story and contributing to writing its next chapter.

Even today with increased political and economic attention, the story is seen as either as black and white. On one hand everyone is familiar with the default – ‘Africa: the troubled ‘country’ of the poor, needy and under-developed’ . On the other hand, we hear of ‘Africa rising’, the next frontier, the land of rich resource and untapped potential .The continent has so much diversity, unmet and undiscovered need but even more interestingly untapped and uninitiated talent. The story is brighter , multifaceted and we intend to share it in high definition.