What makes a Good Africa Volunteering/Interning Program

Sandy beaches, stunning topography, and enough cultural diversity to make your head spin! #ThisIsAfrica—and you’re ready to experience its power yourself through a volunteer abroad in Africa program. These days, the top Africa volunteer and internship providers are serving some of the best opportunities for participants to make a sustainable difference in Africa. With 54 countries, volunteers and interns in Africa have a wide range of dynamic projects and African experiences to pick from.

Over the years, there have been some problematic aspects to the Africa volunteering world. Some programs have little impact on the lives of the people they’re supposed to be helping. Others charge exorbitant fees by selling less than stellar Africa volunteering/interning experiences. That’s why choosing a first-rate organization for volunteering opportunities in Africa is crucial.

At Fursa Africa we adhere to the highest standards as a volunteer and intern placement company by insuring full accountability and adherence to a code of conduct. We follow best practices by insuring:

  • Proven results.We measure results of our impact on communities we work with.
  • Partnerships with locals.  Working together with local communities is a key component of our We value the input of our partners to best identify what areas need the most volunteer assistance.
  • We carefully analyze each volunteer/intern The better matched a volunteer/intern is with their project, the more effective their work will be. We evaluate client’s skills and interests and tailor them to specific needs. We believe this enhances our client’s chances of having both an awesome volunteer experience and being successful with their project.
  • We provide value for money. At Fursa Africa we recognize that taking a volunteer/intern abroad trip can be costly. To that end we insure that clients get the best experience possible at the most reasonable price. We take care of everything from the moment you arrive to the day you depart. We also facilitate for you to enjoy all your down-time with activities outside your core program.

Apply today for a a Fursa Africa volunteer or internship program and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with leading organizations and companies in East Africa.