Attractions of Interning/Volunteering in East Africa

Low cost of living. If you’re coming from the West, you’ll find living in most African countries to be super friendly on your wallet. As long as you don’t plan on living extravagantly , exchange rates will likely work in your favor. So, don’t freak out just yet about those high priced plane tickets to African countries. You’ll definitely save out on the other end.

It’s a great time to be on the continent. The past negative narrative of Africa has changed. Many of the stories coming out of Africa now is about a continent on the move, with a young, vibrant population striving to reach its potential. From entertainment, innovation, development, perseverance, and achievements defying the odds, Africa has it all.

Africa internships stand out from the bunch. Its tempting to jet to popular spots like NYC  or fly overseas to a country with a more extensive internship scene. Most internship opportunities in Africa are still relatively new. Plus, a lot of people have misconceptions and fears about living in Africa. Your unconventional choice to intern in Africa will pay greater dividends  and will reflect wonderfully on your resume.

You’ll gain a fresher perspective. Real time interactions in Africa will leave you with a better understanding of Africa’s dynamics, challenges and opportunities and a more humanistic understanding of its people.

For the culture.  Africa offers a whole lot of music, food, landscapes, and cultural practices to explore! Africa internships are loaded with the healthy cultural immersion that make for excellent internships abroad.