Get The Right Opportunities

We support African organizations and companies to access diverse talent while providing unique and unrivalled opportunities for clients.

Internship Sectors Offered

Social Enterprise

Business & Entrepreneurship

IT & Innovation

Media, PR & Marketing

Volunteer Sectors Offered

NGO, Non-Profit & Development Organizations

Health Care & Medical

Education & Teaching

Global Immersion Programs

Global Immersion Program for Business Schools

Global Immersion program in Public Health

Fursa Africa Makes it Possible

We offer International internship experience that is key to landing the job you want in the future.

What makes a Good Africa Volunteering/Interning Program


Sandy beaches, stunning topography, and enough cultural diversity to make...

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Interning in Small Business Development


In a world that revolves around business and finance, people...

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Working with Social enterprises in East Africa


Most development practitioners now believe that solving poverty in a...

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